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Piston and Vane Pumps

Continental Hydraulics piston pumps feature simple construction for long, dependable service, more contamination-tolerant than competitive pumps to improve dependability and reduce maintenance costs.

The LPV line of variable volume, pressure compensated piston pumps are the perfect choice when reliable, fast and quiet control is required.  All of the control compensator options are interchangeable on all pump sizes.  This very flexible Control Compensator design allows the LPV pump to be quickly changed as your circuit requirement demand.

The PVER pumps are variable displacement vane pumps with direct pressure regulator governor spring for fast on/off response.  The pump group is complete with hydrostatic axial compensation distribution plates that improve the volumetric efficiency and reduce wear of the components.

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Continental Hydraulics piston pumps include the Axial Piston Pumps HPV with variable volume.  Pressure compensated 200 to 3500 PSI (13.8 to 241 bar) continuous duty – Up to 4000 PSI (276 bar) intermittently.  SAE flange mounting and displacements 0.88 / 1.26 / 2.09 / 2.62 and 3.78 inch³/rev.  The LPV axial piston pump with variable volume, operating pressure 3000 PSI (210 bar).  Flow at 1800 RPM 3.8 / 7.9 / 10.6 / 17.1 / 21.9 GPM and displacements 0.488 / 0.976 / 1.342 / 2.196 / 2.807 inch³/rev.

The vane pumps include the PVER: Variable displacement vane pumps direct spring, the PVX: POWERFLOW™ vane pump, and the PVR: POWERFLOW™ vane pump.

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