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Industrial Hydraulic Test Stands

SCI Sharp Controls utilizes in-house design engineering to build custom hydraulic test stands and hydraulic power units for general industrial applications and markets including: oil and gas, petrochemical, aerospace, automotive, power generation, and others.

Our professional hydraulic engineers can custom design and manufacture the exact hydraulic test stand or hydraulic power unit required for your specific industry.  Whatever your specific hydraulic maintenance applications are, SCI Sharp Controls has the solution.

Hydraulic Test Stand Features

Aerospace Hydraulic Test Stands and Hydraulic Power Units

Aerospace Hydraulic Test Stands and Hydraulic Power Units

  • flushing to NAS6
  • high pressure intensifier
  • valve and relief valve testing
  • variable frequency drive for precise RPM control
  • precise digital gauges – digital flow, pressure and temperature gauges
  • stainless steel construction
  • kidney loop pump for continuous filtering / cooling of hydraulic fluid
  • 100% duty cycle
  • liquid and gas pressure testing of systems and components, portable and fixed.
  • simultaneously measure flow, pressure, temperature
  • internal leakage test
  • high and low digital flow meters
  • static pressure test components
  • hose testing
  • hydraulic cylinder testing
  • wellhead control systems
  • gas pressurization and leak testing
  • portable hydrostatic test carts and box assemblies
  • containerized mobile pressure test workshops
  • pulsation and fatigue pressurization testing

Sharp Controls’ hydraulic power units for the aviation industry include diesel powered hydraulic power units, gasoline HPU’s, heavy duty hydraulic power units, weatherproof electric powered hydraulic power units, independent dual systems and single system hydraulic power units.

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